Pure Talalay Bliss 2 inch Plush Topper

Pure Talalay Bliss 2 inch Plush Topper
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Add a blissful 2 inch layer of soft genuine Talalay Latex from Pure Talalay Bliss to your mattress!

Natural Talalay Latex is naturally anti-bacterial, mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. It also has the longest supportive life of any mattress topper on the market today!

The zippered removable cover is machine washable.

The topper is infused with ActiveFUSION Gel technology to balance the temperature on the surface of the topper.

The 2 inch version provides additional cushion to your existing mattress.

Made in USA, 15 year warranty, 10 years non-pro-rated.

See Pure Latex Bliss web site for cover laundering instructions.

All sizes ship UPS, Ground only.

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